Battery For HP 14S-CF0082TX



HP 14S-CF0082TX Laptop Battery For HP 14S-CF0082TX

Fit Laptop Models
HP 14S-CF0079TU, HP 14S-CF0079TX, HP 14S-CF0080TU, HP 14S-CF0080TX, HP 14S-CF0081TU, HP 14S-CF0081TX, HP 14S-CF0082TU, HP 14S-CF0082TX, HP 14S-CF0083TU, HP 14S-CF0083TX, HP 14S-CF0084TU, HP 14S-CF0085TU, HP 14S-CF0086TU, HP 14S-CF0087TU, HP 14S-CF0088TU, etc.

Replace Part Numbers:
HSTNN-DB8R, HSTNN-IB8O, HSTNN-LB8M, HSTNN-UB7J, HT03XL, L11119-422, L11119-855, L11119-856, L11119-857, L11421-1C1, L11421-1C2, L11421-271, L11421-2C1, L11421-2C2, L11421-2C3, L11421-2D1, L11421-2D2, L11421-421, L11421-422, L11421-542, L11421-545, TPN-C135, TPN-C136, TPN-I130, TPN-I131, TPN-I132, TPN-I133, TPN-I134, TPN-Q207, TPN-Q208, TPN-Q209, TPN-Q210,



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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.