C14 To C13 Power Cable 3 Meters



IEC C14 to C13 Power Cords, 3 meters

Computer power extension cord connects devices with C13/C14 power connectors or extends your existing power connection by 3 meters.

Recommended for powering computers, servers and other network devices

3 Meters length allows great flexibility in placing devices in relationship to AC outlet
PDU-style cord replaces or upgrades standard power cord provided by manufacturer
Thick 18 AWG wire gauge manages high power levels required for larger equipment

Tech Specs
Type: Power cable
Length: 3 Meters
Connector: Power IEC 60320 C14
Connector: (Second End) Power IEC 60320 C13
Rated Voltage :AC 100-250 V
Amp Rating : 10

C14 To C13 Power Cable 3 Meters