Charger For Acer Aspire 5 A515-56 Adapter



Laptop Charger for Acer Aspire 5 A515-56 A515-55 A515-46 AC Adapter

Output voltage: 19V
DC output current: 3.42a
Connector size : 3.0mm x 1.1mm
Free Power Cord

Compatible with the following Series:
Acer Aspire 5 A515-44 A515-46 A515-54 A515-54G A517-52 A515-55 A515-56: A515-44-R41B A515-46-r3ub A515-56-32dk A515-55 A515-55G A515-55T:A515-54-59W2 A515-54-37U3 A515-54-55ZD A515-54-79J5 A515-54G-54QQ A515-54G-797L A515-54G-5928 A515-54G-70TZ 54G-70TZ 54G-797L 54G-5928 515-54-51DJ A515-54-597W A515-54-56ST A515-55-35se A11-065N1A A515-55-588C 55-56VK 55-56UK 55-75NC A515-55T-53AP A517-52-59SV A517-52-324s A514-54-501z A515-55-75nc A515-56-765W A515-56-32dk

Compatible Part numbers:
KP.0450H.001, KP.04501.003, KP.04503.004, KP.0450H.006, KP.0450H.007, KP.0450H.008, A13-045N2A, ADP-45HE BB, PA-1450-26AC, A045R016L, W045R033L-AC01, W045R034L-AC01, W045R035L-AC01