Charger For Asus ROG G531GT Adapter



150W 20V 7.5A AC Adapter Charger Power Supply for Asus Rog G531GT G731GT

Output voltage: 20v
DC output current: 7.5a
Connector size : 6.0mm x 3.7mm
Free Power Cord

Compatible with the following Series:
ASUS FX505DT, G531GT-BQ012T, G531GT-BQ020T, TUF Gaming FX505DT-BQ035, TUF Gaming FX505DT, G531GT-AL030T, G531GT-AL007T, G531GT-AL004, G531GT-BQ132T, TUF Gaming FX505DT-BQ051, G531GT-BQ067T, G531GT-AL017T, G531GT-BQ021T, TUF Gaming FX505DT-AL095T, G531GT-AL048, G531GT-AL070T, TUF505D, TUF Gaming FX505DU, G531GT-AL041T, G531GT-AL003T, TUF Gaming FX505DT-EB73, G531GT-BQ067R, G531GT-BQ026T, TUF Gaming FX505DT-AL027T, TUF Gaming FX505D, G531GT, FX505D, G531GT-BI7N6, TUF Gaming FX505, ROG Strix G531, ROG , etc.