Charger For Asus X441MA Adapter



AC Adapter Charger for Asus X441MA X441MB U38N

Compatible with the following Series:
Partial List Only
Asus X441MA-FA102T
Asus X441MA-GA001T
Asus X441MA-GA002T
Asus X441MA-GA003T
Asus X441MA-GA004T
Asus X441MA-GA011T
Asus X441MA-GA012T
Asus X441MA-GA014T
Asus X441MA-GA023T
Asus X441MA-GA087T
Asus X441MA-GA101T
Asus X441MA-GA102T
Asus X441MB-GA027T
Asus X441MA
Asus X441M

Output voltage: 19v
DC output current: 2.37a (compatible with 19V–1.75A, 33W)
Connector size : 4.0mm x 1.35mm


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.