Charger For Dell Inspiron 1440 Adapter



Dell Inspiron 1440 Charger, Charger For Dell Inspiron 1440 Adapter

Output voltage: 19.5V
DC output current: 3.34a
Connector size : 7.4mm x 5.0mm
Free Power Cord

Compatible with the following Series:
DELL Inspiron 1525
DELL Inspiron 1526
DELL Inspiron 1545
DELL Inspiron 1546
DELL Inspiron 1750
DELL Inspiron 312-0625
DELL Inspiron 1440

Compatible Part numbers:
PA-12, HA65NS-00, LA65NS2-01, DA65NM111-00, LA65NE1-00, FA65NE1-00, PA-2E, 310-2860, 928G4, A00008, AA22850, MY4Y4, N6M8J, YT886, 06TM1C, 928G4