Charger For Gigabyte Aero 15 Adapter



AC Adapter for Gigabyte Gaming Laptop Aero 14 15 15x

Output voltage: 19v
DC output current: 7.7a
Connector size : 5.5mm x 2.5mm

Compatible with the following Series:
Gigabyte Aero 14 15 15w 15x v8, Sabre 15 17, SabrePro 15; V8-BK4, V8-BK4K4P, P15F, P15F R5, P15F V2, P15F V5, P17F R5, P17F v7, P25W, P27K, P34F v5, P34G, P34G v2, P34G v5, P34G v7, P34K r7, P34K v5, P34K v7, P34W v3, P34W v4, P35G v2, P35K, P35K v3, P35W v3, P35W v4, P35W v5, P35X v3, P35X v4, P37K, P37K v4, P37W, P37W v4, P37X, P55W r7, P55W v6, P55W v7, P57W v6, P57W v7, Q25N, Q25N v5, U2442N

Note: Actual charger label can either be liteon, asus, or toshiba