Charger For HP 14-D012TU Adapter



Adaptor Charger For Laptop HP 14-D012TU 14-D010AU

Output voltage: 19.5v
DC output current: 3.33a
Connector size : 4.5mm x 3.0mm
Free Power Cord

Compatible with the following Series:
HP 14-d000 Series
HP 14-d001au, HP 14-d001ax, HP 14-d001tu, HP 14-d001tx, HP 14-d002au, HP 14-d002ax, HP 14-d002tu, HP 14-d003au, HP 14-d003ax, HP 14-d003tu, HP 14-d004au, HP 14-d004tu, HP 14-d004tx, HP 14-d005au, HP 14-d005tu, HP 14-d005tx, HP 14-d006au, HP 14-d006tu, HP 14-d006tx, HP 14-d007au, HP 14-d007tu, HP 14-d007tx, HP 14-d008au, HP 14-d008tu, HP 14-d008tx, HP 14-d009au, HP 14-d009tu, HP 14-d009tx, HP 14-d010au, HP 14-d010tu, HP 14-d010tx, HP 14-d011au, HP 14-d011tu, HP 14-d011tx, HP 14-d012au, HP 14-d012tu, HP 14-d012tx, HP 14-d013tu, HP 14-d013tx, HP 14-d014tu, HP 14-d014tx, HP 14-d015tu, HP 14-d015tx, HP 14-d016tx, HP 14-d017tx, HP 14-d018tx, etc.