Charger For HP Probook 430 G5 Adapter



HP ProBook 430 G5 Laptop Charger AC Adapter with Power Cord

Output voltage: 19.5V
DC output current: 3.33a (compatible with 2.31a)
Connector size : 4.5mm x 3.0mm
Free Power Cord

Compatible with the following Series:
HP ProBook 455 G5
HP ProBook 470 G5
HP ProBook 430 G5 NoteBook PC
1LR30AV, 1LR31AV, 3RL38AV, 1LR32AV, 3RL39AV, 3RL40AV, 2SZ67AV, 1LR34AV, 1LR36AV, 1LR38AV, 4WH51US, 3KY22ES, 3KY29ES, 3QL47ES, 4LK33LC, 4LK65LC, 4XN14LA, 5RF24LA, 5JN47EC, 5VN95EC, 5VV43EC, 4WH79US, 5DV07UP, 5QF50US, 5RK27UP, 3DN51ES, 4BC71ES, 3ZS25EC, 3RF41LP, 3TP59EP, 4BN86PC, 3KY56ES, 3QM34ES, 2VY21PA, 3QB44UP, 3KZ46UP, 3ME88UP, 4QE72US, 3VK09ES, 4KY37LP, 3QL49ES, 3QL80ES, 4QZ62EP,