Charger For Lenovo Legion 5-15ARH05 Adapter



170W AC Charger for Lenovo Legion 5-15ARH05 Laptop Power Adapter Supply Cord

Output voltage: 20v
DC output current: 8.5a
Connector size : USB Type
Free Power Cord

Note : If your laptop requires 230w, Click Here.

Compatible with the following Series:
Lenovo Legion 5-15ARH05 82B50029GE 82B5002AGE 82B5002BGE 82B500DEGE
Legion 5-15IMH05 82AU 82AU0032GE 82AU008KGE 82AU00CDGE 82AU00CEGE
Lenovo ThinkPad P1 20MD 20ME 20MD0000MZ
Lenovo ThinkPad P73 20QR 20QS 20QR0026GE 20QR0028GE 20QR002DGE 20QR002HPB 20QR002SGE 20QR002TGE 20QR002XPB 20QR0030GE 20QR0031PB, etc.

Compatible Part numbers:
01FR043, 4X20E50578, 45N0370, 45N0369, 54Y8975, 3600321, 45N0375, 45N0487, 45N0373, 45N0558, 42T5284, 42T5285, 45N0113, 45N0117, 5A10M42720, 5A10J75115, ADL170NLC2A, ADL170NDC3A, ADL170NLC3A, ADL170NDLC3A, ADP-170CB B, SA10J20113, PA-1171-71, PA-1171-72, SA10M42720, etc.