Charger For Lenovo Thinkpad e580 Adapter



65W USB Type C AC Charger for Lenovo ThinkPad E580

20V 3.25A
15V 3A
9V 2A
5V 2A
Connector size : USB-C (Type C)
Free Power Cord

Compatible with the following Series:
Lenovo ThinkPad E480
Lenovo ThinkPad E580
Lenovo ThinkPad L380
Lenovo ThinkPad L480
Lenovo ThinkPad L580

Compatible Part numbers:
20KS 20KT 20KS003WUS 20KS003LUS Laptop. P/N: GX20M33579 4X20M26271 4X20M26274 4X20M26283 4X20M26280 4X20M26281 4X20M26282 4X20M26272 4X20M26269 4X20M26270 4X20M26273 4X20M26275 4X20M26276 4X20M26277 4X20M26278 4X20M26279, etc.


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.