Charger For Lenovo Yoga 330-11igm Adapter



Lenovo Yoga 330-11IGM Laptop Charger AC Adapter Power Supply

Output : 20v 3.25a
Connector size : 4.0mm x 1.7mm
Free Power Cord

Compatible with the following Series:
Lenovo Yoga 310
Lenovo Yoga 330
Lenovo Yoga 310-11
Lenovo Yoga 310-11IAP
Lenovo Yoga 310-11IAP 80U2
Lenovo Yoga 510-14AST
Lenovo Yoga 330-11IGM

Compatible Part numbers:
GX20K16006, 5A10K78750, PA-1650-20LK, DLX65CLGK2A, ADP-45DW, PA-1450-55, ADLX65CLGK2A, ADLX65CDG, ADLX65CCG, SA10K78743, SA10M42735