Charger For Lenovo Yoga S940-14IWL Adapter



Lenovo Yoga S940-14IWL charger, Charger For Lenovo Yoga S940-14IWL Adapter

Output voltage:
20V 3.25A
15V 3A
9V 2A
5V 2A
Connector size : USB Type C
Free Power Cord

Compatible with the following Series:
Lenovo Yoga 13 X280 X390 X395/X1
Lenovo Yoga 2nd Gen X1 Yoga 3rd Gen
Lenovo Yoga 720-13IKB 730-13IKB 730-13IWL 910-13IKB Glass 920-13IKB Glass
C630-13Q50 C930-13IKB Glass
Lenovo Yoga C630 S730-13IWL
Lenovo Yoga S940-14IIL 81Q7 81Q8
Lenovo Yoga S940-14IWL

Compatible Part numbers:
ADLX65YDC3A, ADLX65YLC3A, 01FR024, 01FR025, 01FR028, 01FR030, 4X20M26268, SA10M13945, etc.