Laptop Charger Adapter For Acer Travelmate P248



AC Adapter Charger for Acer TravelMate P248-M P248-MG P249-G2-M-51HS

Compatible with the following Series:
Acer TravelMate P248/P248-38Z5/P248-M/P248-M-57J4/P248-M-76YA/P248-MG/P248-MG-50ER/P248-MG-79UA
Acer Extensa 2508, 2511, 2511G, 2519, 2520, 2520G, 2530
Acer TravelMate B116-M, B116-MP, P246-M, P246-MG, P249-M, P249-MG, P257-M, P257-MG, P258-M, P258-MG, P276-M, P276-MG, P278-M, P278-MG, P446-M, P446-MG
Compatible Part numbers:
A045R021L, ADP-45, ADP-45HE B, PA-1400-04, ADP-40KD BB

Output voltage: 19V
DC output current: 2.37A
Connector size : 5.5mm x 1.7mm
Free Power Cord