Laptop Charger For Asus Q502 Adapter



AC Charger Power Adapter for ASUS Q502 Q502L Q502LA Laptop Charger

Compatible with the following Series:
Partial List Only
Asus VivoBook Q301, Q301L, Q301LA, Q400, Q400A, Q500A, Q501, Q501L, Q502, Q501LA, Q502L, Q502LA, S300, S300C, S300CA, S301, S301L, S301LA, S400C, S400CA, S405, S405CA, S451, S451L, S451LB, S500C, S500CA, S550, S550C, S550CA, S550CB, S550CM, S551, S551L, S551LB, V301L, V301LP, V400, V400C, V400CA, V451, V451L, V451LA, V500, V500C, V500CA, V550, V550C, V550CA, V551, V551L, V551LA, V551LB, X301, X301A, X401, X401A, X401ARF, X401U, X402, X402C, X402CA, X450C, X450CA, X450CC, X450L, X451M, X501, X501A, X501U, X502C, X502CA, X550C, X550CA, X550CC, X550L, X550LA, X550LB, X550LC, X550LN, X550LNV, X551, X551C, X551CA, X551M, X551MA, X551MAV, X552, X552C, X552CL, X552E, X552EA, X751LA, X751M, X751MAm, etc.

Compatible Part numbers:
04-266001070 04-266001071 04-266001073 04-266003160 04-266004701 04G265003550 04G266003160 04G266003162 04G266003163 04G266003164 04G2660031D0 04G2660031E0 04G2660031E1 04G2660031E1LV 04G2660031E2 04G2660031E3 04G2660031E4 04G2660031M0 04G2660031M1 04G2660031N3 04G2660031S0 04G2660031S2 04G2660031T0 04G2660031T2 04G2660031T3 04G2660031U0 04G2660031V0 04G266004701 04G266004760 04G266004770 04G2660047D0 04G2660047L1 04G2660047L2 04G266006401 04G266010400 04G266010410 04G266010420 04G266010501 04G266010510 04G266010520 04G266010700 04G26B000650 04G26B000800 0A001-00030500 0A001-00040000 0A001-00040500 0A001-00041500 0A001-00041600 0A001-00042300 0A001-00042500 0A001-00042500-14009-00080400 0A001-00042900 0A001-00043500 0A001-00043700 0A001-00237100 90-XB0FN0PW00000Y 90-XB0IN0CH00010 90XB00BN-MPW000 90XB00BN-MPW010 90XB00BN-MPW020 90XB00BN-MPW030 90XB00BN-MPW040 90XB00BN-MPW050 90XB00BN-MPW060 ADP-65BW B ADP-65DB ADP-65DW B ADP-65GD B ADP-65JH ADP-65JH BB ADP-65KB ADP-65WH AB ADP-65WH BB EXA0703YH EXA1203YH EXA1204YH PA-1650-01 PA-1650-66 PA-1650-78 PA-1700-02

Output voltage: 19V
DC output current: 3.42A (compatible with 2.37a)
Connector size : 5.5mm x 2.5mm
Free Power Cord