LCD Power Supply For Samsung A2514-MPNL Adapter



Samsung A2514-MPNL 14V LCD Monitor Power Adapter

Compatible with the following Series:
Partial List Only
Samsung A2514-CVD A2514_CVD A2514CVD SyncMaster
Samsung A2514-MPNL
Samsung S19C350NW S19C300B S19C300F S19C300N S19C330HW S22C550H S22C350H S22C350B S22C350N S22C300H S22C300B S22C300F S22C300 S22C150N S22C150B S22C330H S22C130N S22C130B S22C360V S22C330H S22C330VW
Samsung A2514-CVD A2514_CVD A2514CVD A2514_MPNL A2514-MPNL A2514MPNL A2514_RPN A2514-RPN A2514RPN BN44-00917A BN4400917A BN44-00917D BN4400917D BN44-009170 BN44-00989A BN4400989A SyncMaster LCD LED Monitor

Output voltage: 14V
DC output current: 3a (compatible with 1.79a)
Connector size : 6.5mm x 4.4mm
Free Power Cord