Lenovo Laptop Battery For Lenovo G430 G450 LO8N6Y02



Laptop Battery For G430 G450 N500 L08S6Y02 L08S6Y02 IdeaPad G430

Replace Part Numbers
42T4586, 51J0226 L08O4C02, L08O6C02, L08S6C02, LO806D01, LO8N6Y02, 42T4729, 42T4730, L08S6C02, 42T4725, 42T4726, 51J0226, 57Y6266, 57Y6527, 57Y6528, ASM 42T4586, ASM 42T4728, FRU 42T4585, FRU 42T4727, L06L6Y02, L08L6C02, L08L6Y02, L08N6Y02, L08S6D02

Fit Laptop Models
Lenovo IdeaPad B460,
Lenovo IdeaPad V460

Lenovo 3000 G430 Series
3000 G430, 3000 G430 4152, 3000 G430 4153, 3000 G430A, 3000 G430L, 3000 G430LE, 3000 G430M

Lenovo 3000 G450 Series
3000 G450, 3000 G450 2949, 3000 G450A, 3000 G450M

Lenovo 3000 G530 Series
3000 G530, 3000 G530 4151, 3000 G530A, 3000 G530M, 3000 G530 444-23U, 3000 G530 DC T3400

Lenovo 3000 N500 Series
3000 N500, 3000 N500 4233-52U

Lenovo G Series
G430, G450, G530, G550,
G550-2958LEU, G550-2958LFU

Lenovo IdeaPad G430 Series
IdeaPad G430, IdeaPad G430 20003
Lenovo IdeaPad Z360 Series
IdeaPad Z360, IdeaPad Z360-091232U,IdeaPad Z360-091233U

Lenovo IdeaPad Z360A Series
IdeaPad Z360A-ITH, IdeaPad Z360A-PSI



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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.