Samsung Laptop Charger 19v 4.74a Adapter



Samsung Laptop Charger 19v 4.74a 90w A13-090p3a Ad-9019a

Compatible with the following Seriess:
Samsung ATIV One 7 DP700A3D-KUS All-In-One PC
Samsung A10 DXT 1000, A10 DXTD 1100, A10 XTC 1500+
Samsung GT Series
Samsung GT6000, GT6330, GT6330XT, GT6360, GT6360XT
Samsung GT6400, GT6400XV, GT7000, GT7450, GT7600, GT7700
Samsung GT8000, GT8100, GT8600 GT8600XT GT8650 GT8650XT
Samsung GT8700, GT8700XTGT8750, GT8750XT, GT8750XV
Samsung GT8800 GT8800XT , GT8800XV, GT8850 GT8850XT
Samsung GT8850XTD , GT8900, GT8900DXV, GT8900XTR
Samsung GT8910, GT8910KXV, GT9000, GT9000 PRO
Samsung M40, M40Plus
Samsung NP-R50
Samsung NX30
Samsung P10
Samsung P20 Series
Samsung P20, P25, P27, P28, P28G, P29
Samsung P30 Series
Samsung P30, P30 XTC 1400, P30 XTM 1700, P30 XVC 1400
Samsung P30 XVM 1500
Samsung P35 Series
Samsung P35, P35 XVM 1500, P35 XVM 1600, P35 XVM1600II
Samsung P35 XVM 1600III, P35 XVM 1800
Samsung P40
Samsung Q Series
Samsung Q1, Q10, Q20, Q25, Q30, Q30 plus
Samsung Q30 Rubin 1200, Q30 Silver 1200, Q35
Samsung R45
Samsung R50, R55, R55-T5300
Samsung R65
Samsung T10
Samsung V20 Series
Samsung V20, V20 XVC 2000, V20 XVC 2400, V20 XTC 2000
Samsung V20 CXTC 1700
Samsung V25 Series
Samsung V25, V25 XVC 2000C, V25 XVC 2200C, V25 XVC 2400C II
Samsung V25 XVC 25333, V25 XVC 2600C, V25 XVC 2800, V25 XVM 2660
Samsung V30
Samsung VM Series
Samsung VM6000, VM6300, VM6300CT, VM7000, VM7550, VM7550CT
Samsung VM7600 , VM7600CT, VM7650, VM7650CT, VM7650CXTD, VM7700
Samsung VM7700XTD, VM8000, VM8080, VM8080CXT , VM8090
Samsung VM8090CT, VM8090CXTD, VM8095, V8095CX, VM8100
Samsung VM8100CX , VM8100CXTD, VM8110XTC, VM8100XTD Samsung X Series
Samsung X1, X2 , X05, X06, X10,X11, X15, X15Plus
Samsung X10Plus Series
Samsung X10Plus XTM 1500, X10Plus XTM 1600, X10Plus XTC1800
Samsung X10Plus XTM 1600II, X10Plus XTM 1800, X10Plus XTM 2000
Samsung X20 Series
Samsung X20 XVM 1600, X20 XVM1600II, X20 XVM, X25
Samsung X25 XVM 1600, X25 XVM 2000
Samsung X30 Series
Samsung X30 WVC 1500, X30 WVC 1700, X30 WVM 1600, X30 WVM 2000
Samsung X50 WVM 1600, X50 WVM 2000
Samsung X60

Compatible Part numbers:
AD-9019A PA-1900-98 NSW26612 AA-PA1N90W E132068 AD-9019R AD-9019S AD-9019N AD-9019M NBP001324-00 AA-PA1N90W BA44-00215A NBP001518-00 AD-8019 SPA-V20 SPA-V20E/E,BA44-00233A BA44-00147A SADP-90FH B A10-090P1A 0455A1990 PA-1900-08S API3AD05

Output voltage: 19V
DC output current: 4.74A
Connector size : 5.5mm x 3.0mm
Free Power Cord


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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.