Charger For Asus ADP-120ZB BB Adapter



ASUS Laptop Power AC adapter charger ADP-120ZB BB

Output voltage: 19v
DC output current: 6.32a
Connector size : 5.5mm x 2.5mm
Slim Type

Compatible with the following Series:
Asus ROG GL502VT GL502V GL502 GL502VT-DS71 GL552 GL552VW-DH71 GL552VW-DH74 N550JV GL551JW GL551JW-DS71 G551JM GL771JM G56JK-DM136H R500VJ R552J A53SV ZX53 ZX53V ZX53VW ZX53VD ZX53VE UX510UW N750 N500 G50 N53S N55 A8N A8JS A8N C90 C90S G1 G1S G2 G2P G2S G50 G50V G50VT G51 G51J G51JX G5 G60 N46 N56 N76 Series

Compatible Part numbers:
N120W-02, ADP-120ZB BB, ADP-120ZB AB, PA-1121-28, ADP-120RH B 04G265003420, 04G266006120, 4G266010800, 90-N8BPW3000T, etc.

Charger For Asus ADP-120ZB BB Adapter