LCD Power Supply For Samsung S19100N Adapter



Samsung Power AC Adapter for S19A100N LCD Monitor

Compatible with the following Series:
Partial List Only
Samsung S19A100N
Samsung S22B360HW S22B360VW S22B360V S22A330BW
S19A330BW S24A350H S22B150N S23A950D S19B360BW S19B300NW S22B360H
B300 Series S19B300NW S23B300B S20B300N S22B300B S19B300N
B550V Series S23B550V S27B550V CA550 C23A550U C27A550U CA750 C27A750X C23A750X
BX2335 BX2035 BX2235 S22A100N S19A100N S22A200B S22A300B S23A300B S19A300B
S20A300B S24A350B S23A350B S22A350B S19A35B S20A350B S27A350H S27A750D
S23A750D S23A950D S24B350HL S24B350TL S24B350FL S27B350F S22B350T
S24B370H S23B370H S27B370H S22B150N S19B150N S22C200B S19C200NW S22C330HW
S22C330H S19C330HW S22C570H S24C570HL S23C570H S27B240B 1701FP 1702FP 1900FP 1500FP
LTM1555 LTN1565 760V TFT 770 TFT 170T 172B 172S 172T 171P 150MP 1501MP 152B 152T 570S TFT 570V TFT
SAMSUNG 1701FP 1702FP 1900FP 1500FP series 17″ 19″ LCD
Samsung LTM1555 Samsung LTN1565 LCD 15″
Samsung LTM1555 Samsung LTN1565 15″ LCD
SyncMaster ?191T 192T, 19″ LCD
SyncMaster ?760V TFT 770 TFT, 17″ LCD
SyncMaster ?170T 172B 172S 172T 171P 17″ LCD
SyncMaster ?150MP 1501MP 152B 152T 570S TFT 570V TFT 15″ LCD

Output voltage: 14V
DC output current: 2.14A
Connector size : 6.5mm x 4.4mm
Free Power Cord